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The Attitude of Gratitude – Second Annual Giving Tree Drive

The Attitude of Gratitude is how we arrived at the Giving Tree.  It is of the utmost importance for me to appreciate what I/we have in this life. This year I am grateful for another year of success, our amazing clients, my healthy family and the community we live in.

It is an important cornerstone of The Umina Group to #givewhereyoulive. Last year we were able to help 4 single moms who were going through a tough time for various reasons and this year we are looking forward to helping our new moms in the community that need a little help with the weight of their sleighs.

Our moms, both local to Framingham/Metrowest,  this year are facing two very different challenges. One is re-creating herself after overcoming domestic violence and focusing on making a safe and nurturing space for her children. Our other mom is putting all of her energy into the healing of her son battling cancer and the emotional and physical support that goes along with caring for his brother at the same time. The kids we are supporting are ages 7, 5, 4, 4, and 2. Their wish lists consist of pajamas, toy story toys, baby dolls and stuffed animals and super heros!  This is such a fun bunch of kiddos to welcome into our program.

The life of a single parent hits close to home for me personally since I was raised by a single mom starting day 1-before day 1 in fact! She did everything she possibly could to show me a great life even when I know it must have seemed literally next to impossible.  Yet, all of life’s great lessons I learned from her. Never give up when things seemed too hard, to value education while I watched her put herself through college, it’s never too late to realize the American dream when she bought her first house at 40, and later she taught me the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. Most importantly my mom taught me that it’s not the “things” you can give that make a great parent, but only love can do that.  It is my hope that by helping these ladies with their wish lists they can focus on the love that keeps them going rather than the stresses of the season.

We will be keeping office hours at our office on 801 Water Street, Suite 107 (take note we have moved!) on Tuesdays and Fridays starting Tuesday 11/26 from 12 to 3pm for anyone to come in and take an ornament off of our giving tree (pictured above)! We will be bringing the gifts to the homes On December 17th.  So, we are asking that all donations be in by the 16th.

For any direct questions about the giving tree drive feel free to reach out to me at 508.328.2779 or at darlene(at)lamacchiarealty(dotted)com

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