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Selling Your First Family Home

This one’s for all the mamas! If you are a sentimental/nostaligc one like myself then you know the pain of waking up in the morning and being accosted by FB memories or cleaning the house and coming across an old photo album and next thing you know 3 hours have gone by and the only cleaning that has occurred is the makeup off your face from a good ole case of your eyes leaking. “How could that have been 3 years ago!” “How can they grow this fast!” ….motherhood….actually parenting in general. It’s not for the weak.

As we know many are seeing our market as the perfect time to sell their starter home and move into their larger forever homes. Rock on people! This awesome-ness. But what I’m finding is, and I know this first hand, it is incredibly hard for the moms to leave that first house! No matter how small it is, how DONE you are with only having 1 bath, or living in a condo sharing common space, the tiny closets, or having no yard for your babes to ride their little orange cars around…whatever it is making you take the plunge- leaving that house where you brought your babies home is one of the hardest things you’ll do. It will hurt. But that which doesn’t kill us make us stronger, right? Depending on the age of your kids, this may be effecting them as well. Not every tiny human is super excited about getting a larger house with their own bedroom.

None the less it’s time to move on! Good news, there are some great ways to remember your first family home:

  1. Artwork: Get a Watercolor print of your home and place it in a spot where you will see it frequently. There are many etsy shops that will do this for a great price! I just recently started doing this for closing gifts for my clients who are upsizing and feel the emotional tug as the date approaches.

    Here is a great shop to consider:

    Another fun approach depending on the age of your kids is to ask them to paint a picture or draw a picture of their home. Mat and frame and this will be a memory to treasure forever and a great way to spend a fall or summer afternoon!

  2. Involve your children in the memories: Drive them by often and tell them stories about how they took their first steps on the front lawn, or when they would take baths in the ginormous kitchen sink. By involving them in those stories and showing them the exterior of the house and the neighborhood (when possible) it becomes a little piece of them too.
  3. House warming: Have a house warming party RIGHT AWAY. Don’t wait until your home is perfect and you’ve done all the updates and the fixing. Have all of your friends and family over so your home feels just as loved as your first home. Make those memories right away. Plus that way you’ll have copious bottles of wine as house warming gifts to carry you through.
  4. If you had a favorite paint color in your last home, make sure to incorporate it somewhere into the new house. It will help you feel at home. When you take pictures of your kids in that room it will feel strikingly the same. As the years march on and your new house feels like you have been there forever (which it will!) you can change the color as you won’t need it anymore.
  5. Find a feature wall somewhere in your home- maybe family room, or hallway, or steps down to the finished basement – and showcase framed pictures of your favorite memories you’ve had at your last house. Over time you can simply add to these photos as all of your memories flow together.
  6. Continue the same traditions you always have! If your last house had an amazing Christmas display but this house doesn’t seem to support those crazy lights, find a way. Buy some new lawn decorations and do what you can. If your last house had a pool and you had great family parties in the back, don’t give up on the parties just change them a little. Bring in a sampling of kiddie pools and encourage the adults to join in! I’m sorry but you haven’t lived until you have sat in a blow up kiddie pool with a glass of sangria. If you’ve been the “friends-giving” host because your dining room was the largest of your friends (but your 1 bath really was an obstacle) still do it. Find a way….string together some banquet tables and run them right into the kitchen if you have to. You get my point. Keep doing you.


Shed a tear for those spaghetti sauce spackled walls, corner of the nursery where you first rocked your baby, and backyard tree with the baby swing….and know that you’re on to brighter pastures!

These are some of my favorites from our first family house

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