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Preparing your home for sale

We believe staging can make a world of difference when it comes to selling your home for TOP dollar. But that doesn’t mean hiring a professional stager. There are many things you can do to prepare your home for sale.

Curb appeal is the FIRST IMPRESSION your buyer will have of your home. We know how important first impressions are!

Make sure the lawn is mowed and if possible green

Clean up the flower beds and trim bushes and shrubs to have them fit in. It is always a good idea to pull shrubs away from the house if they are blocking light or windows.

Make sure all access points of the home are clear and inviting.

Consider power washing the exterior if there are spots that it looks necessary

If screens are torn, remove them from the windows temporarily. This also helps windows *shine* and more light to come in.

If your roof has moss or lichen consider having it cleaned prior to listing.

Have a little fun with adding some pops of color to the exterior with either hanging plants, flower boxes, potted plants etc. Think of what would make YOU smile on the way in and do it!

Interior Staging Prep:

Clean like you’ve never cleaned before….and then clean again!

Now it’s time to start the de-clutter process. Anything you don’t think you will need for the duration of the sale-pack up now. Buyers will not be deterred by seeing some bins in the basement or the garage.

Depersonalize: Clear the fridge of all magnets, calendars, school work. Try to remove as many personal pictures as possible so the buyers can picture themselves here and their new memories. I like to replace and/or add mirrors to the home so they LITERALLY are seeing themselves in your home

Kitchens should be clear of pretty much all. That is how they photograph best. Knife blocks, coffee makers, toaster ovens, bottle drying racks etc. should all be temporarily placed in cabinets. Clean your oven, wipe down cabinets and the refrigerator.

In Bathrooms consider replacing any icky grout. It’s not a fun job but it goes a long way to show a sparkly shower. If you also have shower doors buy some calcium and lime remover to get the hard water stains off the doors.

Closets: If you are still in the home, people will understand that you are living there. And therefore closets can be “lived in.” However, whenever possible trim back the closets, organize so it looks as neat as possible. For linen closets I’ve found buying baskets for toiletries will greatly improve the inside look!

Make sure your house smells good! If you can smell anything then believe us when we say the buyers will too!

Wash your windows

If you have a working fireplace consider talking to a chimney sweep to make sure it is in good working order. Dress up the mantle a bit as people love that!

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