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The heart of Metrowest Framingham was the largest town in the country until 2018 when they transitioned to a city! As a young city this is an exciting time for Framingham to find its identity and become the city it has longed to be. Known for its diversity, shopping and wide breadth of restaurant fare- Framingham tends to be a hot spot for first time home buyers and its charm and convenience keep their residents for years to come! Home to the Framingham Flyers sports is a definite bond in the community! Visit Eastleigh Farm to take in the beauty just steps away from the bustle, with the beautiful cows and shop at Avenue C for the perfect farmhouse style. Join the town CSA, climb Nobscot Hill, wander through Callahan State Park with the pups, or bring the kids down to Cushing Park-a definite Darlene & Company favorite for the perfect spot to ride bikes, enjoy the playground or take a stroll. Don’t’ forget town crown jewels such as Jack’s Abby Brewery, Ken’s Steakhouse, and the newer Bourbon’s Kitchen & Cocktails.

Useful Framingham Town Links:

Framingham Public Library
Framingham Town Hall
Framingham Commuter Rail Station
Framingham trails and other interesting points of nature.

Are You Thinking of Moving to Framingham?

Realtor Darlene Umina has been helping people find their perfect home in Framingham for many years.  If you are looking to buy a home and need help finding the perfect area that suits your families needs in Framingham then let Darlene help you out.  From young families to retirees, there is a great home that she can help you find.

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