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Alison Fiorenzi

Alison Fiorenzi
Realtor®, Team Agent

Full time Agent servicing Metrowest Boston and beyond, Alison has 3 years of fast tracker experience working with both buyers & sellers. . Alison grew up in Holliston and currently resides in Ashland but as we find with many Metrowest agents she finds herself traveling wherever her clients would like to shop. Alison really embraces the team mantra of Love Where You Live, as her favorite part of being a Real Estate Agent is that she has always been drawn to working with people to help them live healthier and happier lives which is partly assisting clients to find their perfect home! Alison says: “My home is my everything and it’s where my heart is and helping others to find that is the absolute best feeling.”

Outside of Work: “As a family my husband Anthony, my daughters Ashley & Alyssa and two furbabies Rosie & Zoey enjoy traveling and love to spend time with our family and friends! We are very fortunate to live close to both my family and my husband’s and are constantly together. Outside of those things spending time raising money for some of my favorite charities such as Saint Jude and the OI foundation for Brittle Bone Disease give me great joy.”

Little Known Facts about Alison:

Favorite spot in Metrowest- Hiking around Ashland State Park

Favorite Restaurant- Hubby and I love Del Frisco's

Favorite Movie- Hard to choose between When Harry Met Sally and Christmas Vacation

Favorite Place to Vacation- Colchester Vermont on lake Champlain, I grew up going there

Favorite Sesame Street character- Mr Snuffleupagus. When I was little I had an elephant stuffed animal that I names that but lost him on vacation. When my daughter had heard me tell the story last year she went online and found one to match.

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