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10 Reasons I Am Grateful To Be A Realtor

Sometimes it’s putting one foot in front of the other….making it through the days and forgetting why we do what we do.  There is no better time than Thanksgiving week to reflect upon the reasons we love what we do! I challenged myself to find 10 Reasons Why I am grateful to be a Realtor. Turns out it wasn’t quite the challenge afterall, the biggest challenge was limiting it to 10! Read on to find out why I do what I do and love it so much.

  1. Meeting new people: This will ALWAYS be my number one. I love meeting new people and learning about their families, their pasts, their goals, meeting their children, their parents, sharing in funny inside jokes.  I am never one to pry with my clients or force a relationship but the time we spend together just seems to make those connections natural.  We reconnect at my Annual Pie Event as well as our annual Client Appreciation and I get to hear what has been done to the house or whatever thier new adventures have been, hear about happy times, learn about new family pets, see how kids have grown.  THE BEST!
  2. I get to re-connect with “old” people! It is the coolest when someone from way back in my history reaches out because they need a realtor. I have helped clients that were my elementary classmates, went to college with, and old family friends that I met when they were under 10!  Most times I get to know them on a whole new level and that is super fun.
  3. I am introduced to many service lines!  Through selling real estate I have met contractors of various trades, health coaches, business coaches, sleep consultants, personal organizers, personal sales representatives of various products, child care providers, designers, personal crafters…and I LOVE supporting my clients whenever I can.
  4. “Flexible Schedule” – while I may work up to 70 hours a week on some weeks maybe more, I do get to choose which hours I work!  One thing that is important to me is picking up my kids from school. Even if I have to run right back out on an appointment after we get home, I am typically the first face they see after a long day at school and I love that.
  5. I get to give back!!  One of the best reasons to make a living as a Realtor is I get a chance to donate to causes that are important to me. Throughout the year I give to St. Jude, The #whynotdevin Foundation, support to the PTO of my children’s school, and organize a Giving Tree Drive to support single moms directly in my community.
  6. I help other Realtors….I am lucky to be part of an amazing Brokerage that encourages Realtors to share their successes and what works for them. This year some of my happiest points have been running trainings in my home office on various topics from mastering the Sell/Buy to how to run a Successful Open House and sharing my background and what keeps me driven to succeed.
  7. I have the absolute best colleagues and vendor partners!  Some of my best friends are Realtors that I have met in my brokerage. People I could not live one day without!  How lucky am I to find them and share our successes and challenges?
  8. I get to show my kids first-hand what entrepreneurship and working for yourself means and that by working hard and doing what you love you can accomplish your goals in business and in life. When you do what you love-People love what you do!
  9. No two days are the same…at all…ever. One day can bring a home inspection in the pouring rain and the next can bring a closing in Boston and the next can bring multiple showings all over the state, pictures for a new home, a listing appointment to win new business.
  10. I get to know my community better. How can I truly Love Where I Live without knowing all of the ins and outs of my community. I discover all sorts of new places to take in nature, new neighborhoods, cool things to do and go whether it be a fun restaurant, coffee shop, or playground that I would never have known if I weren’t a Realtor.

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