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Give Where You Live

It has always been an important cornerstone of Darlene & Company to give back to our community. Over the years we have supported many local charities from the Why Not Devin Foundation, the Ryan Mancini Charitable Foundation, various school enrichment activities, and many many small acts when we find out about sick children, families in need, classrooms in need. Likely our biggest and most public community drive has been The Annual Giving Tree where we focus on helping single moms & their children in the MetroWest community for the holiday season.
It became evident since I am so deeply connected to children’s causes that a Charitable Foundation would be in my future! I am so pleased that NOW I can formally give back to the community that has embraced me as a trusted resource. A portion of all of our proceeds will now go directly to the foundation.
We plan to continue to support local causes as well as children’s causes and focus on giving to one local organization a month focusing on Greater Boston and Metrowest. Some of the ones we will focus on in coming months will be OUT Metrowest, Buddy Dog Society, The Why Not Devin Foundation, and smaller families that are fighting illness & adversity, to name a few.

I cannot thank you enough for coming along on this ride with me. My heart is so full.

Should you like to donate for the 2021 Giving Tree Drive currently ongoing you can use the following link:

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