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The Giving Tree

The Attitude of Gratitude is how we arrived at the Giving Tree. It is the utmost of importance to me to appreciate what I/we have in this life and as such it remains an important cornerstone of Darlene & Company to #givewhereyoulive. This year I am grateful to have my family’s health, the amazing Metrowest community, and a whole bunch of new clients and friends whose focus on #LoveWhereYouLive took on a whole new meaning this year.

We have 3 very worthy moms that need our help. The underlying and very tragic undertone here has been domestic abuse and abandonment, difficulty with keeping consistant work due to school from home and also due to industries that have been impacted by Covid. There are a total of 7 kids with varying disabilities and needs ranging in age from 5-15. Some of the things that we will need this year are:



Toys for developmental level of a toddler, leap frog toys, beanie boos,

Doll clothes, Doll accessories, Barbies

Nerf, Hotwheels, Legos

Makeup, Nail Polish, Hair accessories

Kids clothes


Cold Weather Gear

Grocery gift cards

Amazon, Kohls, Target giftcards



We know life is a little different for the 2020 tree and as such our process will be different too! If you are interested in helping/donating please reach out for a specific assignment (info below). I will send you a virtual ornamant and from here my team of elves will set up a time to pick up from you at a convenient time and location. <3 The life of a single parent hits close to home for me personally since I was raised by a single mom starting day 1! She did everything she possibly could to show me a great life even when I know it must have seemed next to impossible. Yet, all of life's great lessons I learned from that experience! Never give up when things seemed too hard, to value education while I watched her put herself through college, its never too late to realize the American Dream when she bought her first house at 40, and later she taught me the trials and tribulations of entrepenureship. Most importantly, my mom taught me that it's not the "things" you can give that make a great parent, but only love can do that. It is my hope that by helping mamas in need with their wish lists, they can focus on the love that keeps them going rather than the stresses of the season. You can reach out anytime with questions at darlene(at)lamacchiarealty(dotted)com, or 508.328.2779 or PM me direct through FB on Darlene & Co page or my own personal.

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